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Analytics & Results.


Between Google Analytics, email marketing platforms, and CRMs, how can you tell what your digital marketing campaigns are contributing to the bottom line? Measuring and analyzing your digital marketing’s performance aid in creating an integrated strategy to maximize campaign effectiveness and ROI. With Concept as your digital marketing partner, we understand that results and analytics into your campaigns are key.

Concept provides reporting that creates a digital paid search and organic marketing measurement framework. This enables our clients to make informed decisions quickly and continue to drive their business forward. Our goal is to answer our clients’ questions about digital marketing, analytics, and provide them with the insights that are well-timed, accurate, and actionable.

Our dashboards provide a detailed, quantitative analysis that allow us to optimize their media spend, and our reports analyze all digital marketing efforts in a single view. We work closely with our clients to understand their customer journey to best advise campaign management.

And if you work with Concept in other service areas, we can provide a holistic dashboard giving you insights into your digital marketing, CRM, and lead gen performance.

The Concept Difference.

Concept is a unique sales development and marketing agency. We specialize in helping our clients track all leads through any portion of the sales funnel. We develop a custom reporting dashboard for each client, so they have complete visibility into how their leads and campaigns are performing. With our partnerships with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM platforms, our clients are also able track their conversions from various media buying platforms. At Concept, we connect all sales and marketing efforts back to actual closed deals and prove true ROI.