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June 27, 2019 // Concept Marketing

Concept Inducts Nine Business Development Managers into BDM Mentor Program

What do our Business Development Managers Beth Nakoff, Veronica Slater, Craig Snyder, Stephen Gazley, Carrie Sigmund, Cooper Salinas, David Gordon, Rob Kancler, and Victoria Roberts have in common? They’re all part of Concept’s first-ever BDM Mentor Program and we’re so thankful for the positive influence they’ve had on our new hires.

Not long ago, Concept’s President Dan Harsh and the Production Team put their heads together to make the transition from a two-week training program an easier one for these hires. They came up with a Mentor Program, where employees fresh out of training would be paired with a tenured Business Development Manager for 30 days.

This program provides professional development opportunities to both seasoned and new BDMs while also creating a positive work environment for all employees. It’s just one example of Concept’s consistent growth and innovation.

Director of Production Makara Gerber describes the environment these employees have been able to create as “A Place where people want to thrive and are able to grow. Moving forward, I want to push focusing on those people and giving them space to really shine and grow and be able to continue their professional and personal development. I think that that’s going to help everybody and it’s going to be a continuous cycle.”

The program has created lasting friendships, support systems, and helped make Concept a more exciting place to work. We appreciate all of the work our mentors do for Concept every day.

Our growth wouldn’t be possible without every one of our talented and motivated employees. And, better yet, Concept is always looking to add to our team!


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