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April 28, 2017 // Jessica Walker

Effective LEAD Logistics Questions

As a logistics provider, you believe your organization manages your customers’ supply chains better than the competition. Can you say the same about how you manage the logistical processes of lead management?

Each day your company could be presented with; website leads, inbound phone calls, outbound phone calls, trade show leads, referrals, and more. The most successful logistics providers are treating their leads as if they are the most valuable freight moving through a supply chain. Concept Services’ assists logistics providers to create processes for a more efficient lead management program.

As your organization considers your lead management initiatives, ask these five questions:

  • Are you aware of all lead sources within your organization?
  • Do you have a dedicated resource/team focused on inbound and outbound lead generation and qualification?
  • Do you have an established process for lead follow-up?
  • Is your CRM solution designed to manage these processes?
  • Does your sales team have time to nurture leads correctly?

At Concept Services, we believe your sales team should focus solely on closing the most sales-ready leads and developing relationships with existing customers. Lead development, qualification, and nurturing should be a separate, dedicated function within your sales process.

Concept Services partners with some of the Top 10 3PLs in the country, providing an array of custom tailored solutions. We also work with mid-sized logistics providers that are looking to grow their footprint, in an admittedly competitive market space. We will drive the momentum that businesses need to manage leads through the Supply Chain just like a valuable commodity, because they are, just as valuable.

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