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Tired of Spinning Your Sales Wheels?

As a lead generation agency, we understand the day-to-day chore of finding the next deal.

We've pulled together our top 20+ biggest pitfalls to avoid for lead generation.

  • Think your sales team can operate efficiently if you're not all using a CRM?
  • Do marketing and sales need to work in silos?
  • Don't believe in lead scoring and plan on nurturing your ENTIRE database?

These are REAL LIFE examples of things clients admitted that have hindered their path to closing more deals. The answer is always progress and never perfection. And remember, forward motion is still movement.

If you need a partner, Concept is here to support you along the way. If you’ve got it handled, we hope you found this guide insanely helpful in propelling your business forward, or at least a catalyst for getting more meaningful conversations started.


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