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Sales Funnels & Lead Nurturing: A Tale of a Sales Lead - Part 2

6 minutes read

We left off in Part 1 discussing some pitfalls companies run into with needing more sales leads or needing more sales. And the philosophy at Concept is that successful businesses need to lead nurturing and have a full sales funnel in order to grow the bottom line.

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Do You Need More Leads or More Sales? A Tale of a Sales Lead - Part 1

5 minutes read

“We need more sales leads.”

“If you can put my sales reps in front of qualified prospects, they will close them.”

“We need to be in front of more companies.”

When we say we want or need more leads, is it more leads we want or more sales? What we really want is more sales. The value of sales leads is converting them to closed-won sales. Therefore, if it is more sales we want, then our next question must be, why do I need more sales?

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Taking Your Lead Generation to the Next Level

17 minutes read

I am not talking about referrals or leads from existing customers. I am talking about new leads generated from new companies you have never worked with.  

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CRM Adoption Program

3 minutes read

One of the most common questions we get regarding CRM at Concept is: “How do I get my team and organization to buy into our CRM tools?” This is not only a popular question, but it is a fair one. Your organization probably spent a lot of time, effort and money to implement a CRM… only to conclude that it is not worth much without the proper adoption and buy in.

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