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Looking to grow your sales pipeline with qualified appointments... you have come to the right place. 


Experience by the Numbers

Almost 20 Years in Lead Generation

Since 2002, Concept has been a pioneer of the outsourced B2B lead generation and appointment setting space.

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5,187,423+ Qualified Appointments Set

We don't just generate leads, we convert them into qualified and scheduled appointments for our clients.

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$1,002,643,925+ Dollars in Pipeline Contribution

We track our leads throughout the sales funnel to be able to provide valuable insight on ROI from our partnerships.

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Predictable and Scalable Revenue Starts With A Strong Foundation

Whether your ideal prospects are looking for you, or they are ready for you to find them, we make sure you're in front of them. 

"We open the door, you close the sale."

Since 2002, Concept has been a pioneer of the outsourced B2B lead generation and appointment setting space. Concept specializes in providing a unique blend of solutions to bridge the gap between sales, marketing, and technology to drive predictable and scalable revenue for our clients.

Generating qualified leads on an ongoing basis is often one of if not the biggest struggles for most sales teams. It's easy to focus on quotes, customers, and opportunities, that directly tie to closed sales, but the trick is putting the process and discipline behind finding ways to continue to fill the funnel not just for today, but for tomorrow.  

Attract New Leads

Identify your ideal customers, create awareness, and generate appointments through outbound strategies.

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Enhance Sales Outreach

Utilize an experienced sales and marketing team to nurture and manage leads, so your sales teams focuses on closing more deals.

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Optimize Technology

Ensure your sales and marketing technology is aligned with your business goals.

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Program Partnerships

As a B2B lead generation and appointment setting services provider, we become an extension of your company and handle the time-consuming up-front tasks of finding and qualifying potential customers for you. Using a combination of personalized 1:1 outreach and digital marketing efforts across multiple channels, we not only identify but qualify and warm up prospects before handing off sales-ready leads to your team. 


Gain access to industry-leading best practices and strategic guidance.


Build brand awareness within your target market to generate more leads.


Identify your ideal customers & get more sales-qualified appointments.


Uncover and profile key prospects' information within target accounts.


Connect with prospects through multiple channels with relevant and timely messages.


Qualify target accounts and inbound lead channels to provide your sales reps with quality insight.


Set and confirm appointments with sales-ready prospects meeting your defined lead criteria.


End-to-end, real-time visibility into lead generation with source and attribution reporting.

B2B Lead Generation Partnerships

Sales teams are typically tasked with and focus on existing customer relationships and active opportunities leaving new business development efforts from new customers to suffer.al handling, capital equipment, construction equipment, and supply chain B2B lead generation and appointment setting services from an agency with a proven-track record. We partner with B2B organizations across a variety of industries as their outsourced partner to continuously fill the funnel not just for today, but for tomorrow.

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Wondering What It's Like to Work with Concept?

See what our clients have to say...

"Concept’s multi-faceted approach has helped us develop a stronger online presence with a direct marketing campaign. Their business development side has brought in opportunities from both target accounts and those that have been stagnant for a while."

Taylor Smith, VP of Sales & Marketing
Integrity Lift Services

"If you are looking to outsource your outbound calling and business development, I highly recommend Concept. It will end up costing your company more money to hire the wrong people internally than to make the right choice in outsourcing!"

Vinnie Rocco, General Manager

"Concept has been instrumental in helping us innovate on the Salesforce platform. Not only do they build exactly what we need to implement new processes on the platform, but they are a constant sounding board as we look at everyday business challenges."

Michael Fullan, Director of Information & Experience

"Tremendous partners and great customer service! The entire team at Concept has been a pleasure to work with. They are truly vested in the project, take pride in their work, and in the success of our company. "

Robyn Hyra, Director of Corporate Training
R2 Logistics

"Concept has exceeded our expectations in virtually every way. The CRM team helped us understand and implement key processes designed around our unique customer relationship challenges. Our relationship continues and we can heartily endorse Concept Ltd."

Tim Chafins, Group Member Services
Christian Healthcare Ministries

"Concept has assisted us with HubSpot & Salesforce integrations, training, customized dashboards, email templates, as well as data automation and custom objects. Every time I think I've stumped them, they come up with an innovative solution that precisely addresses our needs."

Angela Arnold, Director of Marketing
Selman & Company

"Worked with Concept's CRM team to create a custom solution for us to integrate a process that was very manual. This group is awesome and I highly recommend using Concept Services. I will definitely be using them again for our Phase 2 CRM needs!"

Denise Hrzic, Sales Administration Manager
National Safety Apparel

"I reached out to Concept and we are now on track - first time since 2011! These guys are Salesforce ROCKSTARS! We got incredible value for every dollar invested. I personally highly recommend Joe and his team for any Salesforce project. "

Woodie Anderson, Solution Sales
Talan Products

"Concept has been integral to our successful Salesforce launch. They have solved any problem we have come to them with quickly and always with excellence beyond our expectations. We highly recommend you use them for your Salesforce implementation!"

Rebecca Galeskas, Marketing Coordinator
Lift Power, Inc.

"We hired Concept to provide us with updates within Salesforce. They were extremely professional and efficient. If there were changes we wanted that would cause problems or wasn't the best solution, the CRM team would provide best practices and alternatives."

Sara McMurray, Director of Sales and Marketing
Premier Thermal Solutions

"Concept customized our Salesforce CRM to our industry, migrated our customers, integrated our EDA information, and trained our entire team. Effortless and very impressive! If 6 stars were available, they would have them as they have set us up for the future. Thank you!"

Mark T. Maechling, President
Cal-Lift Inc.

"Concept's CRM team did an amazing job of getting our sales team out of the Outlook exclusive world of account/sales tracking that we had been using for almost 20 years and into the amazing world of Salesforce. I highly recommend Concept as your Salesforce partner!"

Kevin Conner, Director of System Sales
World Source Integration, Inc.

"Concept was very proactive in the Salesforce implementation to ensure that the system met our objectives. They were also very responsive to making changes to accommodate various users. From our experience, Concept Services is highly recommended."

Pete Voss, President
Voss Equipment, Inc.

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