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Hear from Concept’s experts, where they cover everything from B2B lead generation tips and tricks to improving CRM utilization. 


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From B2B lead generation tips and tricks to improving CRM utilization, our videos cover all things sales, marketing, and CRM.  



Concept, a lead generation agency, is redefining sales development, sales and marketing techstack, and marketing through our partnerships with our clients through design, implementation, and execution of their B2B sales and marketing strategies.

About Concept


Concept is your lead generation expert with over 20 years of full-funnel, lead management experience. We help your company grow with custom CRM consulting, business development, and marketing solutions.

Why Work with Us


Learn the value of outsourcing appointment setting services to Concept and how we can provide your company with a full lead management solution customized to fit your needs.

Customer Testimonials

Electronic Merchant Systems


North Coast Container



Keller Logistics



Learn More About CRM and Sales

Connecting the Investment Dots


Learn strategies and best practices for customer relationship management (CRM), focusing on the lead qualification process. It explores techniques to connect various aspects of CRM to improve business efficiency and profitability. 

Exploring the Value of CRM for Businesses


CRM is a game-changer for sales and marketing professionals, yet it often comes with challenges. In this video, we share best practices for integrating CRM systems into material handling businesses. Learn how to harness CRM to boost sales and streamline marketing. 

Work & Sell More Efficiently


Sales managers and team leaders can learn strategies to enhance efficiency and increase sales within their teams. This includes proven methods to motivate teams to improve their performance and collaborate more effectively.

Accurately Tracking Closed Won Deals in Salesforce

Follow along as Jared Soell, a certified Salesforce administrator and CRM Agency Director, demonstrates a detailed process for creating a report to accurately track closed-won deals in Salesforce. This guide outlines how to set up a report that helps you monitor successful deals through the sales pipeline.

Tracking Closed Won Deals: Part 1


Tracking Closed Won Deals: Part 2


Tracking Closed Won Deals: Part 3



Salesforce Opportunity Pipeline Report Creation

Watch Jared Soell as he takes you step-by-step on how to develop a sales pipeline report in Salesforce.

Creating an Opportunity Pipeline Report: Part 1


Creating an Opportunity Pipeline Report: Part 2


Creating an Opportunity Pipeline Report: Part 3



Creating a Salesforce Report to Uncover Opportunities

These videos feature Jared Soel demonstrating how to create a report in Salesforce to forecast future sales. It provides insights into building effective reports that can help businesses project their sales outcomes.

How Many Opps Are We Uncovering? Part 1


How Many Opps Are We Uncovering? Part 2


How Many Opps Are We Uncovering? Part 3


Declining Inbound Lead Gen?

It could be a sign you need to reevaluate your digital footprint. Watch our latest video where we break down the top 5 steps you need to take to turn your lead engine churning again. These key strategies are your formula for inbound success, from SEO adjustments to laser-focused messaging! Watch the full video now and turn the tide on your lead generation game plan.

Lead Follow-Up


Improve Lead Follow-Up


Digital Challenges


Digital Footprint


How to Improve


Crucial Questions to Ask When Selecting a Lead Gen Parnter

Looking for a trustworthy lead generation partner? In our latest video, discover 5 key factors to consider when choosing a partner to ensure optimal results. Learn how our team collaborates with businesses to exceed expectations in generating qualified leads while providing real-time insights and data visibility.


SDR Best Practices

SDR Outbound Calling


Concept works with our clients to assist with identifying a sales development strategy or call messaging that includes value propositions - to effectively navigate a discussion.

The Professional SDR

We take you inside the Sales Development Representative (SDR) role, giving you some framework of what this role entails. The SDR is critical to the overall sales engine of companies, playing a lucrative part to the sales process inside our organization, as well as our client's.


Boost Your Lead Generation with Us

Concept is here to be a trusted partner and consultant, not just an execution arm. We see every conversation we have with our clients as an opportunity to bring expertise and passion, and it shows.