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Outbound Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

“We open the door, You close the deal…”

Founded in 2002, Concept has been a pioneer of outsourced lead generation, appointment setting, and sales development for B2B companies. Our foundational expertise and innovative spirit in sales development have consistently provided our partners with a decisive edge.  


We Generate Qualified Sales Appointments

Concept works with companies who have not focused on or are dissatisfied with their lead generation outcomes. Often this is due to existing sales teams being concentrated on managing existing accounts and/or not interested in prospecting. Concept offers the support and expertise needed to pursue new business opportunities.

We provide a solution for addressing common sales challenges, offering solutions for:


Expanding Market Reach

Helping boost sales and profitability, our team grows markets by tapping into new customer segments or geographical areas, diversifying revenue, and strengthening industry position.

Venturing into New Markets

We can help you expand into new markets by systematically evaluating opportunities, understanding customer needs, and executing tailored strategies.

Launching New Offerings

New product or service launches strategically introduce offerings to the market, using specialized teams to effectively target and engage potential customers.

Territory Takeover

Territory takeovers involve strategically expanding into new regions, utilizing the expertise of specialized teams to engage and capture the local market effectively.

Customer Cross-Sell

Customer cross-selling focuses on promoting additional products or services to existing customers, leveraging specialized teams to effectively identify and fulfill their needs.

Tradeshow Campaign

We help manage leads from Tradeshow campaigns by setting appointments during the convention, developing targeted follow-ups, guiding them from initial post-event interest to qualified sales leads.



By targeting past customers, we can craft customer re-engagement campaigns that include personalized communication and special offers to reignite interest and encourage repeat business.

New Sales Rep Onboarding

Our team works alongside new sales reps to help them with prospecting and keep their calendar full of qualified sales appointments.

Partnership Development

Expanding a manufacturer's network of reps and sales agencies by proactively reaching out to potential partners, presenting the value of collaboration, and building relationships that can lead to increased market penetration and sales opportunities.

A Team Obsessed with the Right Process

Concept has enriched businesses across a spectrum of industries. While we pride ourselves on crafting unique strategies tailored to each client's specific needs, the underlying principles of our approach remain constant.

Industry-Adaptive Strategic Planning

Our journey with each client begins with a deep dive into understanding their Ideal Customer Profile, regardless of the industry. From this foundation, we craft customized campaigns that not only meet but exceed the strategic objectives.

Expert-Led Precision in Outbound Lead Nurturing

Our methodology leverages the seasoned expertise of our professionals, combined with cutting-edge tools, to deploy a sophisticated multi-channel outreach strategy. This approach ensures widespread engagement across various platforms, nurturing leads towards conversion.

Continuous Optimization and Detailed Reporting

Adapting to real-time data and feedback, our approach allows for ongoing refinement, ensuring our methods not only stay relevant but also lead industry standards. 

Meet Some of Our Sales Development Professionals


Jason Wisener

Director, Sales Development Operations

Kyle Moles

Key Account Manager

Sean Kroner

Account Manager

Adrienne Compton

Sales Development Manager

Erica Quinones

Sales Development Manager

Enhancing Sales Team Productivity

By taking on the initial stages of the sales cycle, including lead generation and appointment setting, Concept frees your sales team to focus on closing deals. This division of labor increases overall productivity, allowing sales professionals to dedicate their efforts to what they do best.


Wondering What It's Like to Work with Concept?

If you are looking to outsource your outbound calling and business development, I highly recommend  Concept. It will end up costing your company more money to hire the wrong people internally than to make the right choice in outsourcing!

Vinnie Rocco

General Manager | Amcast

Tremendous partners and great customer service! The entire team at Concept has been a pleasure to work with. They are truly vested in the project, take pride in their work, and in the success of our company. 

Robyn Hyra

Director, Corporate Training | R2 Logistics

Concept was very proactive in the Salesforce implementation to ensure that the system met our objectives. They were also very responsive to making changes to accommodate various users. From our experience, Concept Services is highly recommended.

Pete Voss

President | Voss Equipment, Inc.

Give Your Sales Team the Easy Button

Having Concept handle nurturing all prospects, it frees up your team to focus on closing the sale and expanding with current customers.

Excellent strategic partner!

We've been working with Concept for several years and their depth of knowledge across CRM/Martech continues to impress. From process improvement to implementation, we couldn't have asked for more in a strategic partner.

Eric J.

| SelmanCo

SLUNKS loves John and Hayden with Concept!!!

Managing a small business, one requires many hats. We were excited this year to take on HubSpot to manage our many avenues that we facilitate each day. John worked with me through the entire Onboarding process and I could not be more grateful for his detailed approach and ability to teach and wait as I was learning the intricate process that will change the trajectory of our operational systems. Hayden also was an incredible asset serving alongside John and we appreciate the patience and hard work given on their end as we are navigating and executing our small business needs!!

Nickie H.

| Slunks

Great experience

Great experience working with John on onboarding Sales Hub. We look forward to working with Concept as we expand our use of HubSpot.

Quentin M.

| eGourmet Solutions

Exceptional strategic partner

We've partnered with the Concept team for nearly two years, and their extensive knowledge and expertise in HubSpot and other platforms like Salesforce is impressive. They have a solid grasp of how our various Martech stack components work together and consistently offer proactive solutions. Since teaming up with them, our systems and processes have significantly improved. Truly an amazing team.

Eva R.

| Episource

HubSpot Implementation

Our team can implement HubSpot across your entire organization. Our process customizes and configures the platform based on your unique needs to ensure you get the most out of your Hub.



Enhance your HubSpot by integrating other key systems and applications across your organization. Whether you’re planning to integrate a new app with your Hub, or an existing stack, we can help.

As a partner of both Salesforce and HubSpot, we are uniquely positioned to help you integrate these two powerhouse systems.

Training and Onboarding

As an official Partner-Scaled Onboarding (PSO) agency, we can provide training and onboarding services designed to reinforce your business processes and integrate them with the tools available within HubSpot.

HubSpot Hubs Support


Marketing-Hub-icon sales-hub-icon service-hub-icon

Marketing Hub

Sales Hub

Service Hub

Drive revenue and streamline marketing efforts with tools that connect you to your audience effectively, all while optimizing investments with powerful analytics. Enhance productivity and customer connections with comprehensive sales tools, designed to scale with your organization’s growth. Build lasting customer relationships with a suite of service tools that streamline communication and enhance team productivity.



operations-hub-icon commerce-hub-icon


Operations Hub

Commerce Hub

Empower your marketing and development teams with a CMS that offers flexibility, security, and personalized customer experiences. Maintain clean, curated customer data and automate business processes for a unified view of customer interactions, delivering seamless experiences. Streamline your commerce operations with robust tools for billing, subscriptions, and revenue collection, integrated seamlessly with your CRM.


Management & Administration

Whether just wrapping up a new implementation or if you already have HubSpot up and running but are struggling with adoption, reporting, or implementing new features, Concept is here to help as an ongoing source of support.


Partner With Our HubSpot Professionals

HubSpot is a powerful platform, but working with a great team can help it integrate with your needs and processes for that “just-right” feeling.

Our Technology Partners

In addition to our HubSpot partnership, we also proudly partner and have experience integrating additional solution providers to help our clients reach their business needs. 

Our Technology Partners

We proudly partner and have experience integrating additional solution providers to help our clients reach their business needs. 

Why Concept?

At the heart of Concept's success is a powerful trifecta: our refined process, an expert and seasoned team, and our unwavering commitment to disciplined and ongoing prospecting. It's this synergy that ensures our strategies are not just effective but consistently ahead of the curve, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries.

Let us be the force behind your sales development, enabling you to concentrate on closing deals and driving unparalleled success.


We Open the Door.

You Close the Deal.