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Digital Marketing Strategy.


From your website to your email campaigns, creating a digital marketing strategy keeps you from throwing ideas on the wall and crossing your fingers that they stick. With a digital strategy, you can connect your business objectives to measure your successes and failures.

A digital marketing strategy is a blueprint of how you will build out your business’s online objectives, but how to you develop the blueprint? Concept begins with auditing your existing site and paid digital marketing to inform the digital marketing strategy going forward. Then, with recommendations and an implementation roadmap, Concept builds a customized strategy to attract your target audience and ties all our efforts back to a closed sale to demonstrate real ROI.

Search Engine Marketing Audit

What is an SEM Audit?

An SEM audit is a deep dive into your paid search account to determine areas that could use further work to improve performance. Paid Search is a complex combination of many elements including quality score, landing pages, bids, ad copy, targeting, and countless numbers of keywords. By leveraging Concept to conduct a thorough audit, you will gain a deeper understanding of your performance, pinpoint any current issues, and identify growth opportunities.

Concept’s comprehensive SEM audit includes:

  • Campaign goals
  • Account structure
  • Account and campaign settings
  • Ad groups
  • Keywords
  • Ads
  • Landing pages

What can you expect from an SEM Audit?

Following our audit, we evaluate the findings and provide you with a detailed optimization guide, outlining recommendations that will increase the success of your paid search campaigns. Finally, we provide you with clearly defined next steps, taking into consideration the issues that can quickly be addressed, and will have the most immediate impact. We do this by prioritizing the list of items to identify the top opportunities and creating and implementing a short and long term plan of action.

Search Engine Optimization Audit

What is an SEO Audit?

During Concept’s SEO audit, we will analyze how well your website ranks and what best practices you could utilize to improve your ranking. This is the first step to creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results.

The audit will identify foundational issues that may be affecting your organic search performance.

Concept’s comprehensive SEO audit includes:

  • Technical SEO issues
  • Website structure issues
  • On-page SEO issues
  • User experience issues
  • Potential off-site SEO problems
  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Competitive marketplace insights

What can you expect from an SEO Audit?

During the audit, Concept’s team of SEO specialists are analyzing and uncovering SEO opportunities on your website. After the audit has been completed, we will work with your team and present our SEO findings and recommendations. Concept will provide both an SEO strategy and accompanying roadmap to completion, so you know what to expect and when. In addition, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your site’s health. All of these are customized to you and your specific situation.

The Concept Difference.

Concept is a unique sales development and marketing agency. We specialize in helping our clients track all leads through any portion of the sales funnel. We develop a custom reporting dashboard for each client, so they have complete visibility into how their leads and campaigns are performing. With our partnerships with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM platforms, our clients are also able track their conversions from various media buying platforms. At Concept, we connect all sales and marketing efforts back to actual closed deals and prove true ROI.