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Sales Development Services.


Concept is a sales development agency that specializes in helping our customers exceed goals and solve unique business challenges related to sales, marketing, and technology. Our unique, collaborative approach utilizing our sales development representatives (SDRs) allows us to embed ourselves into our customers’ environment to truly understand the challenges they face daily and work together to implement solutions that impact the bottom line. Let’s face it…sales and marketing operate in a results-driven environment. If a strategy or activity isn’t directly impacting the bottom line, then we need to evaluate and adapt quickly. Additionally, efficiency is becoming more and more vital in the new age of automation and A.I. Removing bottlenecks from your sales and marketing processes by outsourcing sales development functions, or implementing technology, is mandatory to keep pace with the competition. We work together with our customers to develop, execute, and analyze a sales development strategy that is unique to their business and industry. With almost 20 years of experience driving new sales for our customers, our team could be just what you need to take your business to the next level.


Lead Generation

If your sales team is having difficulty generating B2B sales leads or are spending too long researching and hunting for the right prospect, then trust Concept’s lead gen services and SDRs to help your business set appointments and improve your bottom line through better B2B lead generation.

Pipeline Development & Management

Lead management and sales pipeline development focus on the leads generated and nurtured in a business in order to manage potential prospects and encourages them to become new clients.

Reporting & Analytics

In building your business’ sales funnel and pipeline, results are everything. And metrics can be finicky beasts. Trust Concept’s reporting and analytics to provide you with a transparent look at our sales development efforts.

Sales Support

Target the right accounts from the start. Concept makes it easy to build and manage prioritized account lists and follow-up that is needed after tradeshows.