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Understanding Salesforce’s Seller Home

Understanding Salesforce’s Seller Home

If you’ve logged into your Salesforce recently and come across a new home page, you haven’t done anything wrong, and your admin has likely not made this change without a heads-up. This is Salesforce’s Seller Home – a home page update that applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions – and it is now rolling out to a Sales Cloud near you. 

Why Did My Salesforce Home Page Change? 

Seller Home is now the default home page for the Sales, Sales Console, and Sales Engagement apps. If you have not used a custom home page, meaning you have always had the default home page, this auto-updates to the default home page that Salesforce chooses. 

To avoid this moving forward, or to change what your sales team is seeing as they log in, you can create a custom home page.

Can I Disable Salesforce's Seller Home Page?

If you do not want a custom home page or don't feel like building one out at the moment, you can also disable Seller Home and revert to the previous default home page.

The following settings screen can be found by going to Salesforce Setup and navigating to the "Home" option. Here, you will find options to not only change your default home page, but to get nuanced with your preferences.

Disable Salesforces Seller Home Page

What is Seller Home Showing Me? 

There are several reports on this dashboard that aim to help your sales team manage their: 

  • Opportunities, 
  • Accounts, 
  • Leads, 
  • Contacts, 
  • Goals, 
  • Events, and 
  • To-do's 

Salesforces Seller Home

Close Deals 

Manage owned opportunities briefly with this first report. Quickly view your open, won, and lost business in an easy-to-understand pipeline summary. 

Plan My Accounts 

View your accounts and their associated activity – or lack thereof – in the Plan My Accounts report. Easily understand if you are spreading your attention evenly or leaving some groups out on the edge. 

Build Relationships 

Monitor the time you are giving to each contact – or have scheduled to give – and identify opportunities to rekindle relationships with the Build Relationships report. 

Build Pipeline 

Stay on top of the leads assigned to you with the Build Pipeline report. This will provide a quick understanding of which leads you are working, and which need your attention. 

Contact Suggestions 

Powered by Einstein, Contact Suggestions looks at your events and emails to highlight relevant and ripe activities to start your day or week. 

Monthly Goals 

See the progress you make towards activity-based goals you set, such as calls made, meetings scheduled, and emails sent. 

Today’s Events 

Salesforce acts as a personal assistant, reminding you of the events you have for the day. Helping you prepare for a successful day of selling. 

My Tasks 

Whether generated yourself, by sales leadership, or by marketing, this report gives you an overview of tasks to be completed. 

Recent Records 

The Recent Records report acts as a shortcut to access the contacts, leads, accounts, or opportunities you have most recently interacted with or viewed. 


The likelihood of Salesforce pushing another home page change after the new Seller Home update is slim, but if you want to prevent this in the future or want to understand the capabilities of custom home pages in Salesforce, our CRM team can help. We are a certified Salesforce partner and well-equipped to tackle the customization you need. Contact us, today.