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Salesforce Cloud Service.


Salesforce Cloud services allows your business to utilize various tools across your CRM to better use data and improve conversations with your customers. Data and real-time interactions collected on customers allows you to better anticipate customer needs and personalize messaging for each touchpoint along the customer journey and results in increased ROI.

For those organizations looking for a more customized or hands-on training, Concept provides customized training services for both end-users, managers, and administrators.

Concept’s team of certified Salesforce consultants work closely with your team throughout each phase, including development of the overall Salesforce marketing automation strategy and roadmap, implementing campaigns, and migrating systems.

Successful companies deliver personalized, relevant content to attract, convert and retain customers. Concept’s team of certified CRM consultants and Salesforce automation experts can help you achieve greater success through customized marketing automation through cloud services utilization.

Types of Salesforce Cloud Services

There are several cloud services options with Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a customizable product that brings all the customer information together in one integrated platform that marries marketing, lead generation, sales, customer service, and analytics. Users also have access to thousands of apps through Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce offers five versions of Sales Cloud on a per-user, per month basis: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance. Talk with our certified Salesforce consultants to see which Sales Cloud service would be right for you.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud allows users to automate service processes – like responding to questions or comments made, streamline workflows and find key articles, topics and experts to support the agent. The goal is to build one-to-one marketing relationships with every customer, across multiple channels and on any device. Service cloud can “listen” and assist in responding to customers across a variety of social platforms and automatically route cases to the appropriate agent. If customer service and improving user experience is something you need, talk to one of our certified Salesforce consultants about how Service Cloud can help you.

CPQ Salesforce

CPQ Salesforce, also known as Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce, is a sales tool for businesses to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ applications include optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts, allowing sales reps to quote prices accurately and swiftly. Salesforce CPQ gives your sales team easy to use software, available on any device since it’s a cloud-based program. Hosted within Sales Cloud, CPQ gives you a direct link with your CRM to make the most impactful sales decisions.

Talk with our certified Salesforce consultants to see if CPQ Salesforce solution would be right for you.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is a platform from Salesforce that allows users to connect and communicate among an organization’s employees, partners and customers. Talk with our certified Salesforce consultants to see if Salesforce Community Cloud would be right for you.

The Concept Difference.

Concept offers a unique offering as a sales development and marketing agency. We assist businesses with being able to track any leads through any portion of the sales funnel. We develop a personalized reporting dashboard for every client. We want our clients to know how their leads and campaigns are performing. With our partnerships with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM platforms, our clients have been able to track their conversions from various media buying platforms.