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AI-Generated Content Can Hurt Your Google Ranking

AI-Generated Content Can Hurt Your Google Ranking

Based on early findings following Google’s March 2024 Core Update, AI-generated content can hurt your Google ranking. Notice we say can instead of will, as the use of AI tools like ChatGPT or Jasper has not shown to be a direct trigger of decreased ranking. Rather, it is the substance of the final, published content that will determine ranking, as always. 

How is ChatGPT-Sourced Content Hurting Some Google Rankings? 

On-page content is a major part of getting your website pages to rank organically. Generally, Google crawls your pages and reads the text to look for keywords, relevant images (using the alt text), internal and external links, and content length. However, stuffing your pages with generic content and too many instances of a specific keyword phrase can be seen as spammy, and hurt your ranking. Now, we introduce AI-generated content.

AI-Generated Content Impacts a Google Ranking

AI-generated content can hurt your ranking by ignoring many of the rules above and showing a lack of expertise, or by using AI simply to auto-populate content feeds. When Google flags these pages, it hits them with what is called a “manual action”. In extreme cases, some websites are getting completely unindexed. 

AI can be a great helper, but nothing beats a team of content strategists. Need help generating content for your marketing efforts? Contact us to get started. 

Can I Use AI for Marketing Content and Still Rank on Google? 

Yes, you can use AI-generated content without hurting your Google ranking. The key is adding a human buffer between the AI platform and your website pages. Websites that have an automated feed obviously do not have this buffer, and when Google detects this automation, it lays down the hammer.  

For content that is copied and pasted from an AI platform to your blog or website pages, this allows the necessary edits. However, rather than going straight from one platform to the next, teams are likely better off dropping the content into a document for edits and review. By adding this to your content process, supplying a human element to your content generation becomes a milestone. 

Although AI-generated content can hurt your Google ranking, it does not have to. With the right approach to your process and content strategy, you can leverage platforms such as ChatGPT and Jasper to streamline your website content. If you would like help with your content strategy, SEO, or copywriting, our marketing team is here to help. Contact us to get started.