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Start a Content Recycling Program: Reshare, Repurpose, Rewrite

Start a Content Recycling Program: Reshare, Repurpose, Rewrite

When marketers sit down to work on their content calendars, we tend to put on blinders and only focus on the future. This is a natural direction to work, as the whole point is to prepare content for the upcoming months. However, looking back at content used can spark inspiration, and save your team a lot of time. Make sure you get the most mileage out of your content by making recycling a principle of your content planning process.  

Reshare Your Social Media Posts 

Only about 16.2% of US LinkedIn users log in every day and only about 10-15% of your followers see your content the first time you post it. Other platforms are known to reach an even lower percentage per post. So, although the idea of sharing your content more than once on social platforms may feel lazy or annoying, it is a huge, missed opportunity. Give your message the legs it deserves and share it again.  

By adding a quick “ICYMI” or reworking the original caption, you give it that new-car smell. Chances are you will reach a new audience and sometimes outperform the original post. As a bonus, your social calendar will fill up much faster, giving your team time to focus on creating more amazing content.

Repurpose Your Content Marketing Pieces  

Like the content alchemist you are, make sure you are repurposing your content by clipping, snipping, flipping, and molding it into another format. This gives your audience multiple methods to soak it in, makes creating other content marketing assets a breeze, and can have several benefits when incorporated into your SEO strategy. Here are a few organic ways to repurpose: 

Turn a Podcast into an Article, and Vice Versa 

When creating a podcast, it is always recommended to include transcripts. This is an excellent way to make sure your content can be consumed by those with disabilities, and this also gives search engines more content to crawl (they like this). Now that you have a transcript, you are a few tweaks away from an article.  

The reverse process can be applied to other written, long-form content. Simply break it up and rewrite a few sections to be more conversational, and you now have a podcast script. 

Turn an Article into a Graphic or Selling Sheet 

To quickly flip the content needed for graphics or selling sheets, grab a previous article and pull the highlights into a shorter, bulleted list. Once you have the most pertinent information extracted, it is ready to be dropped into a design environment. 

You can also review graphics and selling sheets that do not have a matching article and expand upon the content to create long-form content. 

Turn Several Articles into an eBook 

If your strategy includes using content pillars, there is a strong chance that your team has groupings of articles that revolve around larger topics. By bringing them together, you can easily and quickly put together a downloadable guide or eBook. Most of the work here will fall upon the designer in your group. 

Rewrite Old Content 

Time to turn your keyboard, and attention, to content that is covered in cobwebs. There is a good chance some content that was published a while ago is no longer accurate, or perhaps your view on a certain topic has changed. Reworking this content keeps this information fresh, gives you a good reason to share again, and is also a fantastic way to stay in the good graces of search engines. 

By going through this exercise and getting old content in front of your eyes, you will likely identify other content opportunities, such as the ones mentioned above. 

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