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What Makes a Winning B2B Email Marketing Strategy: Design

What Makes a Winning B2B Email Marketing Strategy: Design

A well-designed email is important for a multitude of reasons. For B2B email design strategies, this is especially true, as 89% of B2B marketers increased or maintained their email marketing budget in 2023. 

While content conveys the necessary information, design is the element that leads the reader down the content as it’s intended. A strong design can also help highlight important information, making it easy to read. And, most importantly, a good email design catches the reader’s eye and entices them to continue reading. In this blog, we will go over B2B email marketing elements to implement the next time you build a B2B email marketing campaign. 

Reinforce Your Brand 

Just like all your marketing initiatives, each email design should reflect your brand, such as logos, colors, and imagery. Consumers find design inconsistencies jarring, making it harder to trust the brand. And since trust is key to a strong relationship, ensuring your email designs reflect your brand is extremely important.  

Command Attention and Readability with Patterns 

You can’t leave out visual hierarchy when discussing email marketing design strategies. With this approach, important information is displayed first and prominently, because readers’ attention spans are low. Because of this, essential details should be presented right away. Then, if readers don’t read past the first few sentences, a strong visual hierarchy will benefit them, as it provides the main takeaways and CTAs.  

There are many layout types that can improve focus and comprehension. Top layouts include: 

  • Z Pattern: The human eye, when reading, naturally takes a Z pattern, making this the ideal layout for emails with minimal text. The zig-zag content begins with text near the upper left corner, moving diagonally to the right, and so on.  
  • F Pattern: Taking insights from eye-tracking technology, the F pattern also starts in the upper left corner, as that is where the reader’s eyes will naturally look to. From there, most readers will scan the upper part of the email (the top line of the F), then scan down and across.  
  • Inverted Pyramid: This layout type places key details at the top, making this the best layout for information-heavy emails. The less important text follows at the bottom of the page. The inverted pyramid layout continues to be a go-to for many email designs.  

Mobile Responsiveness 

When choosing an email layout, keep in mind that many readers view emails on their smartphones or tablets, which makes responsive designs crucial. To make sure your designs are rendering properly on other devices, most email design applications allow you to preview and edit elements just for smartphones.  

Optimize CTAs 

The main goal of marketing emails is to drive action. This is why it i important to strategically place CTA (call to action) buttons, use a contrasting color for the button, and use a simple phrase to let readers know the next step to take. Many marketers add multiple CTAs throughout each email to ensure that readers can find the CTA and take the desired action. 

Following the natural progression of the content, you should aim to place CTAs near the bottom of each section. If the reader is interested in the content, then the CTA will be well-placed to help them take the next step. 

Design Outstanding B2B Marketing Emails with Concept 

The best B2B email marketing design strategies are just as important as well-written content. By implementing these email marketing design strategies, you can captivate your readers and guide them to take the desired action. If you want more help with B2B email marketing design, let Concept help. Our team will not only craft unique, focused email copy but also create visually stunning designs with strong CTAs to go along with it. Contact us and experience engagement and conversion metrics like never before.