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Staying Top-of-Mind with Prospects to Develop Long-Term Partnerships


With states preparing to reopen businesses in May, now is the time to focus on generating revenue that was lost from weeks of social distancing. Being top-of-mind is key for lead generation and nurturing.

Are you struggling to convert more of your leads into long-term customers?

Are you first making sure you stay in front of these prospects as they move through the buyer’s journey? Staying top-of-mind is essential for developing relationships that result in long-term partnerships. And the good news is that keeping your company’s name in front of potential customers isn’t as hard as you may think.

You can use several strategies to stay top-of-mind with your customers without wasting too much time and resources on this process. By conducting careful research and crafting compelling content, you’ll be more effective in staying in front of prospective deals while also having enough time to focus on closing new business.

Use the following methods to keep your company name on the tip of your leads’ tongues so you’re the first business they consider when they’re ready to make a purchase:

Distribute Hot-Off-the-Press Newsletters & Updates

What better way to get prospects to engage with your content than to put it right under their noses? Content roundups are the perfect way to reach decision makers with fresh, relevant information that speaks to their needs. Distribute newsletters monthly or post updates regularly and include educational blogs, case studies, and company events. Pro tip: focus more on useful information and avoid over-promotion to keep from shoving your brand in their faces.

Stay in Front by Following Up

Make sure your prospects never forget who you are by sending follow-up emails and check-in calls after initial conversations, form submissions, and other connections. This simple act shows them you value their time and empathize with their pain points. For bonus points, your follow-ups can include pieces of your own content that you feel is useful to the customer!

Make Connecting an Emergency by Creating a Sense of Urgency

Potential customers who don’t see an urgent need for your product or services are more likely to forget your company quicker than prospects who have a problem that needs fixed immediately. Communicating a sense of urgency helps decision makers know that the time to solve their pain is now, and the fix is your company. You can do this by hitting their pain points hard through email, blog posts, and even social media.

Extend Invites to Your Company’s Events

Want prospects to remember you? Get rid of the exclusive mentality and extend event invites to these people if you’re planning your own or attending someone else’s. This not only gives them a good opportunity to meet you on a personal level instead of through emails and phone calls, but it shows them you’re thinking of them and want them to benefit from the event.

Keep Yourself in their Social Circle through LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

While social media works well for posting company and content updates, it’s also a great place to interact with current and future customers. Spending some time reviewing what prospects are saying and sharing on social media can have a huge payoff for you in the end. With this method, customers will know you’re paying attention and think of you more often.

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*Updated April 30, 2020