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3 Steps to Project Success with Concept

3 Steps to Project Success with Concept

Keeping our current customers satisfied and cultivating long-term relationships with our clients is our priority at Concept. To initiate successful relationships and foster satisfied customers, we develop, implement, and execute successful strategies that meet or exceed our client’s initial goals and objectives.

Over the past twenty years, Concept has been able to identify specific variables that drive proven success. The specific variables that are identified exclusively for your business by Concept will also require additional input from you as our client.

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STEP 1: Client to Establish Goals, Objectives, and Expectations

This step requires the most vital information to establish your requirements, expectations, goals, and objectives. This information will set the relationship and future projects up for success from the start so that there are no loose ends.

Internal Champion

It's critical you have an internal champion who believes in this program and wants to see it succeed. Ideally, this person should have the authority and autonomy to direct sales representatives and other team members associated with the project(s).

Clear, Realistic Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives that you establish will drive our strategy, approach, and efforts for the project(s) at hand. We'll spend some time discussing these specifics in more detail to ensure alignment.

Defined Lead Criteria

We must have clearly defined lead criteria and requirements that you're seeking so we can send your sales team qualified leads. Some examples of lead criteria may include budget, decision-maker, defined need, identified timeframe for purchase, appointment/virtual meeting, scheduled, etc.

Lead Follow-up and Lead Nurture Process

Two of the main reasons projects may fail are not properly following up on leads or there's a weak/non-existent lead nurturing process. A few reasons for the lack of lead follow-ups may include:

    • The designated internal champion isn't committed, doesn't devote the necessary time to the project, and/or doesn't demand the necessary and required steps from their internal sales team
    • Your sales reps aren't interested or don't have adequate time to follow up on leads. Instead, their time is spent managing existing accounts
    • There's no internal process for managing leads, updating the status of lead follow-ups, and sales rep's activities

An effective lead nurturing process is essential to the success of your project. Not all leads will move forward immediately, we know that. In these instances, there must be a defined process in place for how and when to stay in front of leads after the initial appointment – otherwise, your leads won’t be nurtured properly. This can be performed by the client or Concept.

Reporting and Tracking

By having access and visibility to reporting and tracking, you're able to track leads through the sales process and funnel to better attribute ROI to your project. If reporting and tracking is lacking, it'll be difficult to measure the results of project performance and keep track of lead statuses.

STEP 2: Open Line of Communication

Open Communication

We like to establish an open line of communication from the beginning with our clients to communicate any and all concerns or feelings they have about the status of their project(s). Participating and coming prepared to recurring status calls to review project successes, failures, optimizations, and concerns will put your project’s best foot forward.


STEP 3: Goals & Expectations Expected of Concept

This step falls on Concept where we work internally to ensure we’re being effective and efficient for your company’s exclusive needs based on steps 1 and 2.

Effective Messaging

We make sure we have effective messaging and most importantly, that we deliver it efficiently. We're constantly evaluating and optimizing messaging to prevent our efforts from becoming stale or ineffective. At Concept, we leverage a multichannel approach that includes calling, emailing, social media, etc.

SDR Assignment

We’ll assign the right Sales Development Representative (SDR) who has the background, personality, skillset, etc. that will effectively make calls and have productive conversations on your behalf for the overall success of your project(s).


The data we obtain must be good, qualified data that’s appropriate for the market that we’re pursuing. We also must have an ample quantity of data to ensure we have new prospects to contact.

Data Analysis

We accurately and effectively analyze data so that we’re able to better understand where we’re having success and where we can improve so that we’re able to keep the SDR aware and focused accordingly.


Your sales team should be focused on what they do best, and let Concept handle the front-end of things with the prospecting, cold calling, lead qualifying, and outreach to identify the opportunities your team needs to be in front of. These 3 steps are the foundation of what makes our process successful for our clients. Want to dive in and learn more about our sales development solution? Let’s chat!