We Open the Door. You Close the Deal.

Joseph Stephan

Lead Scoring Model Essentials: Three-Part Primer

6 minutes read

Sales teams are focused on turning opportunities into either closed-won or closed-lost deals. But every lead that your company has didn’t come in is an opportunity. So how does your business weed through the good leads and the bad leads? Most companies struggle with how best to identify and progress leads through their sales funnel – from information-qualified lead (IQL) to marketing-qualified lead (MQL) to SQL. Through an effective and targeted lead scoring model, you can focus your sales...

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HubSpot Product Updates - Spring 2020

3 minutes read

Does your business utilize HubSpot CRM?  Below discussed the recent updates to HubSpot’s CRM.  The new product updates from HubSpot are for those with Sales and Marketing Hubs. 

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Salesforce March Feature Retirements

2 minutes read

CRMs need to stay technologically advanced for users to get the most of out them. Salesforce has announced some feature retirements for later this year.

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Eight Ways CRM Can Help Your Business Perform Better

4 minutes read

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are helpful tools for a range of departments – from sales and marketing to accounts receivable and operations.  It can help your business find holes in your marketing strategies to closing the invoicing gaps.

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