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HubSpot Product Updates - Spring 2020

HubSpot Product Updates - Spring 2020

Does your business utilize HubSpot CRM?  Below discussed the recent updates to HubSpot’s CRM.  The new product updates from HubSpot are for those with Sales and Marketing Hubs. 

Sales Hub Updates
Sequencing Improvements

HubSpot has optimized sequencing to allow bulk enrollment, pausing of tasks based on sequence completion, increased the daily send limits, and new reporting options.  Read more about the advanced sequencing improvements.

New Sales Starter Product Access

As companies have had to move to remote working in short order as the US practiced socially distancing in March 2020, HubSpot is now offering paid features for free for 90 days for those utilizing Sales Starter. Tools that are now free include meeting functionality, quotes, e-signing, one-to-one video meetings. Learn more about the new functionality and expansion to HubSpot’s Sales Hub.

Marketing Hub Updates
Canva Tool

Canva is integrated with HubSpot to allow for easy design across multiple marketing tactics – from blog posts to landing pages to social posts. You can easily design and edit new assets within HubSpot utilizing Canva.  Click here to learn more about the Canva tool.

Blog Page Title Changes

HubSpot heard and listened to feedback from clients about having the ability to change blog post titles and how they appear in Google search results. You can now set the post HTML title and have a different title in the H1 (main heading) area.  Learn more about the Blog Page Title  feature update.

Ad Campaign Management

In the Marketing Hub, users could integrate their paid search campaigns which made conversion tracking and follow up simpler and quicker. Now HubSpot has integrated Facebook and LinkedIn paid advertising. Now your paid and social advertising can be managed in one place.

CRM Updates
Workflow Revisions

With the updates to workflow revisions from HubSpot, users can now see what changes were made, when, and the results. Learn more about the updates to workflow revisions here.

Jira Integration

HubSpot has integrated service tickets to Jira for teams to easily track issues and resolutions. This update allows for increased communication to/from service and support teams.

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