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Salesforce March Feature Retirements

CRMs need to stay technologically advanced for users to get the most of out them. Salesforce has announced some feature retirements for later this year.

Retiring in Summer ’20 Release

Salesforce Mobile Web Experience

Salesforce is retiring access to Salesforce via mobile web.  Users will be required to utilize the Salesforce Mobile App come July 2020. Focusing on the Salesforce mobile app will allow improved user consistency and experience.

There are two ways to download the Salesforce Mobile App:

  1. Google Play or
  2. Apple App Store

If you want to learn more about the retirement of this feature, click here.

Agent Console Tab

Salesforce is retiring the Agent Console Tab because updates to this feature has not occurred since Spring 2011 and hasn’t been available to new users since Spring 2015. Salesforce administrators will need to move users from the Agent Console to the Lightning Console.

Learn more about the retirement of this feature here.

Customizable Forecasting

A newer feature, Collaborative Forecasts, is now the preferred feature to utilize for forecasting. Salesforce is planning on retiring Customizable Forecasting with the Summer ’20 release. Collaborative Forecasts builds upon development efforts for the latest in forecasting functionality. Read about the retirement feature.

Data Recovery

Starting on July 31, 2020, Data Recovery feature, which is a paid feature, will no longer be available because it is a legacy feature from Data Restoration. There are several API options available that customers can use to backup their data. If you want to learn more about the Data Recovery feature retirement, click here.

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