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Five UX Mistakes That Kill Conversion Rates

Five UX Mistakes That Kill Conversion Rates

UX design is more than just making your website look good. There are actually UX strategies and principles designers follow to help increase engagement and conversion rates, making websites easier to navigate, and yes, making them look visually appealing. If you’re struggling with your website’s conversion rate, it could be because of some UX design elements. In this blog, we will go over five common UX mistakes and how to fix them. 

5 Common UX Design Mistakes 

Here are five common UX design mistakes that could be the reason why you aren’t seeing results. 

Confusing Navigation 

Sometimes, rather than guiding users, we end up confusing them by cluttering and adding too much to navigations. Plus, users want to find what they’re looking for quickly. You probably have visited a website with too many categories to choose from, taking forever to find the specific category, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. 

To fix this, try to organize your products or services at a high level, only having categories for key products or service categories, about the company, and a contact page. Then, you can create subcategories for each section, limiting your navigation bar to less than a handful of options.  

In Concept’s new website redesign, we’ve stuck to 4 simple tabs in our navigation, all with corresponding subcategories. This keeps our navigation simple, organized, and easy to navigate.  

Poor Form Design 

Having a solid form design is important for steady conversions. A couple things to remember when designing a form is to keep it short (between 3-5 questions) and to ensure it is responsive across devices. You don’t want to lose out on an opportunity because your form was too long and repetitive or didn’t fit the device’s screen. Nobody says you must capture all the information at once. 

For example, in our website’s redesign, we wanted to keep our Contact Us form short, sweet, and to the point, only gathering basic, necessary information. This allows potential clients to quickly fill out our form without exiting the page beforehand or reconsidering submitting it.  

Slow Loading Times

In today’s world, users expect instant results. That’s why slow loading times can be a conversion rate killer and a common UX design mistake. If pages take too long to load, often users will exit out of the site completely, going to a competitor’s site instead. 

One reason your website is loading slowly could be due to images. Optimizing images for the web reduces their file size without compromising quality, allowing webpages to load faster. For more insights and information on why your website is loading slowly, it is good practice to use the many tools available online that check your website’s loading time and offer solutions to help. 

Lack of Clear CTAs 

Without clear CTAs, users won’t have any guidance as to what the next steps are, leading to lost conversion opportunities. It’s important to incorporate CTAs in your UX design that stand out with contrasting, bright colors, use action words such as “Shop Now”, and are placed above the fold or next to relevant content.  

Unresponsive Design

Responsiveness refers to your site’s ability to adjust layouts based on where the user is browsing from, such as desktop, smartphone, etc. It is an important tool to ensure websites look pleasing on any device. If your website isn’t responsive, users may think it’s broken and end up leaving the site altogether. Always test your site on different devices to see how it looks and adjust accordingly. You don’t want to miss out on traffic from mobile users.  

Avoid Common UX Design Mistakes with Concept 

With the many UX elements that could potentially be hurting your conversion rate, it can be overwhelming. That’s why Concept’s Marketing team is here to help. Our design team is well-equipped to identify areas of improvement and implement strategies tailored to your business needs. Don’t let subpar UX design hinder your business growth. Contact us today and we’ll boost your conversion rate and deliver tangible results.