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7 Fresh Features from HubSpot & Salesforce

7 Fresh Features from HubSpot & Salesforce

HubSpot and Salesforce are some of the most efficient and user-friendly CRM tools out there. They are constantly updating their platforms with new features to ensure your business objectives are easily met. With new releases happening all the time keeping yourself informed can be tricky. This brief overview will let you know what’s to come this summer from both HubSpot and Salesforce.  


HubSpot does a great job of continuously refining their platform. And it seems that recent updates have been highly anticipated. Geotargeting for cookies, streamlined CRM records, and Site Tree editing have all caught our attention.  

Geotargeting for Cookies Banner 

If your prospects and customers can come from anywhere in the world, you need to be up-to-speed on each regions data collection policies. HubSpot’s team recognized the importance of this and developed a feature in the “Privacy and Consent” settings. Now you can go in and customize your cookie policy banner for different countries depending on their cookie tracking laws. Learn more about Geotargeting Cookie Banners here. 

Streamlined CRM Records and Automated Workflows 

Less scrolling and more automation? Yes please! HubSpot has redesigned CRM records to be condensed and collapsible. Say goodbye to searching for your valuable data because this streamlined configuration of smaller highlight cards and association cards will allow you to focus on the important things. HubSpot also added some convenient features like CRM card customization and priority properties. You can define the importance of deals with the new priority property feature and customize association cards to display what properties you value most. Learn more about Streamlined CRM Records. 

Now let’s talk about these Deal Automated Workflows. You’re busy, we get it. Sifting through every prospect and customer interaction with your site, content, advertisements and more can be time consuming. What if you could you trigger a workflow anytime these interactions happen? Well, thanks to HubSpot and deal automation, now you can. Enable automations for your pipelines and let HubSpot do the heavy lifting during customer journeys.  

CMS Hub Site Tree  

Your business is growing and the need to add and manage more pages to your website is becoming a top priority. In HubSpot’s CRM Hub you can now enjoy site tree editing to revise, create, and oversee your website pages. This is a feature that has been long awaited by HubSpot users and is intended to make our lives easier. Learn more about Site Tree here.  


Salesforce has a lot of updates queued up for summer 2021. From analytical platform updates to marketing and sales - these new functionalities will benefit Salesforce users of all kinds. Here’s a few releases that we have eagerly awaited. 

Analytics Updates 

Saving valuable time while updating reports is something we all need a little more of. With inline editing, sales reps can now update field values directly on the Lightning Experience Report Run page. With inline editing your team can update types of text, numeric, and checkbox fields directly on the Report Run page. Gone are the days of navigating from place to place to update records. Learn how to enable Inline Editing in Reports here.

Additionally, in reporting you can utilize a feature called Auto Add which automatically makes new custom fields for a Salesforce object. Those custom fields are then automatically added to all custom report types based on that object. Several updates will be made to Tableau CRM – revert to previous Data Prep recipes, gain robust insights into your communications operations, and view changes in your data analysis with Einstein Discovery. To keep it short, there’s many new updates that help you maximize your process while acquiring rich data. Learn more about Salesforce Analytics summer releases. 

Customization Updates  

Do yourself a favor this summer with the Dynamic Actions Bar on your Lightning app page. Simple to set-up and completely personalized, this feature is certainly one of our favorites. I mean, who doesn’t want their most important actions lined up in one handy little bar? Easily drag and drop standard or custom global actions into the Dynamic Actions Bar on your app page and use this feature the way it was intended – to get work done!  

Marketing Updates 

The June update of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is a pretty hefty one, they even have an upcoming webinar on June 17th where you can gain a more in-depth overview of the new feature. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the highlights - build a single view of your customer, optimize their journey based on your business goals, and fine tune your content to deliver it across channels and devices at exactly the right time. Bottom line, you’ll get to consolidate your customer data, create smarter audience segments and connect customers to their engagement behaviors. Learn more about the June 2021 Marketing Cloud release. 

Sales Updates

The summer sales updates this year are also plentiful. All designed to keep you honed in on your sales objectives while boosting productivity. With Pipeline Inspection you can get a singular view of your pipeline to track trends and see which deals are high-priority. The new and improved email experience and templates will allow your team to build more attractive emails while controlling what customer behaviors count as engagements. You’ll be more organized when approaching customers through email and when sifting through the email engagement data.  

A sales release that definitely deserves a double-take is Einstein Conversation Insights. It is available without the High Velocity Sales product and affords its users coaching features, service-related insights, and the ability to share and comment on video calls. There are a plethora of other helpful sales updates coming to Salesforce this summer. You can check out the rest right here. 

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