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Capitalizing on the Consumer Experience


Do you consider yourself a lead-generation powerhouse?

Like many companies, you probably have the right strategies and processes in place to churn out enough leads to support your business. But answer this… how many make it to the point of sale? And, those that do, how many become repeat customers?

Why Buyer Relationships Matter

Pushing prospects through the sales funnel is one thing, engaging them throughout the buyer journey is another. Your pipeline progression processes can make or break their decision as they spend this time evaluating your services to determine whether you will meet their needs. The key to turning contacts into contracts is the development of quality relationships to turn prospects into long-term partners.

Here are some ideas to implement into your strategy to create deals and build lasting relationships with all of these leads you’re generating:

Offer Custom Messaging

Customers are more connected than ever in today’s digital age, which means that the personalization of messaging is crucial. With so many different places to get information, you want to create unique content, whether that’s through email campaigns, downloadable whitepapers, or case studies.

Use the data you have on your customers to create customized content that makes sense to them and speaks directly to their pain points. Nurturing contacts through the pipeline with targeted messaging at every point in the customer lifecycle will create a personalized experience for them. And, presenting the right information at the right time can help push them through the sales cycle faster.

Optimize the Online Experience

If you’re creating custom messaging, you should also ensure that your website and the content that lives there are optimized for both search engines and user experience. Make your website easy to find and easy to navigate so prospects that click on your email links and social posts don’t get lost and confused.

Make sure the content on your website is presented clearly, without errors, and in a logical manner. You should also incorporate keywords and focus on search engine optimization so your pages can show up in search results. Impressing your customers begins with giving them information easily and without conflict.

Use the Right Channels

You can use the data you have on the way people interact with a company to convey your message on the right channel. While some are more receptive to email, others prefer to be reached over the phone or on social media. You don’t want to risk losing a potential sale by communicating through the wrong medium.

Segmenting and A/B testing can give you a better idea of the best way to reach those customers. Results generated from these tests help you determine how to best present custom messaging to these people.

Offer Insight

Visibility into the sales process is crucial for developing partnerships with your clients. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software gives you the data you need to create this unique customer experience. Systems like HubSpot track website and email engagement so you can constantly tailor and improve your lead nurture efforts to create the best customer experience.

Are you spending more time chasing leads than building quality relationships?

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