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What are Programmatic Audio Ads?

What are Programmatic Audio Ads?

With more people listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio content, marketers should be leveraging programmatic audio ads to connect to a wider audience. Podcasting has been on the up for a while now, with 380 million listeners worldwide. This is a massive demographic to interact with. However, before you attempt to reach this audience and add programmatic audio advertising to your marketing strategy, it’s important to know exactly what it is, its benefits, and best practices.

What Are Programmatic Audio Ads? 

Programmatic audio ads are a digital advertising format that is placed in audio content like podcasts, audiobooks, digital radio, and music-streaming services. Like other programmatic ads, audio ads use algorithmic buying technology to automate the process of ad selling and insertion. This is in contrast to traditional podcast advertising, which can be show-specific and involves coordination between the host and the advertiser.

These ads tend to be more immersive and are retained more often by the listener since they occur in a screen-free environment. Marketers can leverage the data from other advertising channels such as display and native to target customers and benefit from a multi-media approach.

The Benefits of Programmatic Audio Advertising

With audio content becoming increasingly popular and giving users the ability to access audio content anywhere through their mobile devices, audio ads offer a perfect way to access this large and engaged audience. Programmatic audio advertising offers marketers an opportunity to connect with listeners while they’re listening to content they already love.

Additionally, programmatic audio ads offer an alternative media format. For businesses that have a product or service that may not appear well visually or is hard to visualize in general, audio ads offer a seamless method to reach your audiences.

Best Practices

It’s important to implement best practices when creating audio ads to effectively capture your audience's attention. Here are a few best practices to do just that.

Create a Cohesive Story

Create a cohesive story across different channels to reach consumers throughout the entire sales funnel. An example of this would be to build awareness with programmatic audio and CTV, educate through paid social, share your brand story with video ads, and drive conversions with display ads.

Use Lookalike Audiences

Utilize lookalike targeting and CRM data onboarding to reach your audio audience beyond the constraints of traditional radio.

Access Multiple Devices

Connect with listeners beyond mobile devices. Whether they’re listening on desktops, smart speakers, or connected cars, you will want to reach them.

By utilizing programmatic audio ads, along with other programmatic ad formats, businesses can create effective marketing campaigns that interest their target audience across multiple channels. If you are interested in leveraging programmatic audio ads or want to boost your current audio ad efforts, Concept’s Digital Marketing Agency is here to help implement best practices and reach your target audience. Contact us today