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The Six Main Programmatic Advertising Channels

The Six Main Programmatic Advertising Channels

There's no denying the power of advertising in today's digitally driven world. Advertisers have many options to choose from when reaching their target audience. There are numerous locations and channels you can utilize, however, not all advertising channels work with programmatic media buying. If you want to utilize this ad strategy, you'll be focused on six channels. These include display, video, social, audio, native, and digital out-of-home (DOOH). Understanding the channel you are working with or scoping out the right channel strategy is essential for success. Here is our overview of the six main programmatic advertising channels.

Understanding Programmatic Advertising Channels 

In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, programmatic advertising stands out as a game-changer. It leverages automation and algorithms - using programmatic ad platforms - to facilitate the buying and selling of ad inventory in a seamless online auction-style system. This approach offers advertisers unparalleled control over ad placement and audience targeting. However, not all advertising mediums lend themselves equally well to programmatic buying. This is where understanding the nuances of programmatic advertising channels becomes crucial.


Display advertising is where visual impact meets data-driven precision. Programmatic buying in the display realm allows advertisers to bid on ad placements across websites and apps in real time. Armed with audience insights, advertisers can ensure their display ads appear before the eyes of the most relevant users. Whether it's static banners or rich media ads, the display channel is a versatile canvas for brand awareness and direct response campaigns. Learn more about programmatic display ads.


Video content has remained a dominant force in online engagement, and programmatic advertising adds an extra layer of strategy through targeting. By adding pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll video ads on platforms like YouTube, programmatic technology empowers advertisers to tailor their video campaigns to specific demographics, viewer behaviors, and contextual relevance. Learn more about programmatic video ads.


Podcasts have made a major comeback and streaming music is the only way to do it nowadays. This is why audio advertising has gained significant prominence. Programmatic audio advertising enables advertisers to reach listeners based on their music preferences, location, and demographics. This channel delivers targeted audio ads on platforms like Spotify and podcast streaming services, making it an ideal avenue for reaching a captive and engaged audience.


Seamlessness is the hallmark of native advertising, and programmatic buying ensures this harmony remains intact. Native ads are meant to blend with surrounding content, creating an immersive user experience that grabs attention without standing out. Through programmatic technology, advertisers can match their native ads with contextually relevant content, enhancing engagement and building trust with the audience. No more sporting goods ads on the home cooking network’s site. 

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Traditional billboards get a digital upgrade with programmatic DOOH advertising. This channel allows advertisers to display dynamic, contextually relevant ads on digital screens in public spaces. By adjusting messaging in real-time based on factors like weather, time of day, and local events - advertisers can maximize the impact of their outdoor campaigns.

Integrating Paid Social Advertising and Programmatic Media

By integrating paid social advertising and programmatic media, businesses can complement their efforts, expand channel reach, and facilitate cross-channel remarketing. Individuals exposed to programmatic ads can be retargeted with relevant content on social media platforms to lead them down the sales funnel. Other benefits of incorporating both are engaging audiences across multiple touchpoints, cost efficiency, and accuracy in targeting.

Programmatic advertising channels, such as the ones mentioned above, continue to provide advertisers with a sophisticated toolkit to engage their target audience with unprecedented precision. By understanding the nuances of each channel, advertisers can tailor their strategies for optimal impact.  

If you are new to programmatic advertising or interested in optimizing your existing efforts, Concept’s Digital Marketing Agency can help you open up a world of possibilities to connect with your audience in meaningful and effective ways. Contact us today!