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What is HubSpot's New Content Hub? [Formerly Known as CMS Hub]

What is HubSpot's New Content Hub? [Formerly Known as CMS Hub]

On April 3, HubSpot officially announced Content Hub – formerly known as CMS Hub – and their new offering of Marketing+ (the bundle of Marketing Hub and Content Hub). According to Hubspot, “Content Hub is an AI-powered content marketing software that helps marketers create and manage content that fuels the entire customer journey.” Let’s dig in and understand exactly what we can expect from this update. 

What Tools and Features Come with HubSpot’s Content Hub 

There was no way HubSpot would roll out a new hub without a new suite of features to go with it. This new hub will include the addition of: 

With HubSpot’s Content Hub, we will see all existing CMS Hub features such as landing pages and blog pages rolled in. By the nature of the title of this new hub and the features HubSpot has invested in, it is clear they are bullish on content marketing. If you haven’t taken your content marketing strategy seriously up to this point, now may be the time. 

Want to get the most out of HubSpot’s Content Hub or your content marketing strategy in general? Contact us to get started on the right path. 

What is HubSpot’s Marketing+ Bundle? 

With the announcement of Content Hub, HubSpot is also introducing a new offering called Marketing+. This new offering includes both Marketing Hub and Content Hub at a discounted rate, much like other bundles offered in the past. 

By combining the content generation and management capabilities of the newest hub with marketing automation, teams can capture leads and deliver relevant content through the entirety of the customer journey. 

HubSpot’s new Content Hub will leave many teams excited, but with a lot of work left to do to implement these new features and the strategies behind them. If your team is considering this new hub or would like to get more production with content marketing, Concept can help. Contact us to learn more about this new platform or the use cases for it.