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Content Remix in HubSpot's Content Hub

Content Remix in HubSpot's Content Hub

Content Remix is one of the newest and most popular features available in HubSpot's Content Hub. This AI-powered tool takes existing content, and repurposes it across other formats. Naturally, as proponents of a content recycling strategy, this is a big win in our eyes. Content strategists can now leverage this tool to "remix" their content, prepare it for multiple channels, and get much more mileage out of it. Let's dig in.

How Does Content Remix in HubSpot's New Content Hub Work?

To get started, the Content Remix tool will need content to remix. To start, you can select a blog page, site page, or landing page. This is likely due to the fact these pages equip the AI with plenty of context to work with.

Once you have selected your content, you can choose up to four content types to remix it. Your options are:

  • Images
  • Social Posts
  • Blog Posts
  • SMS Messages
  • Ad Copy
  • Email
  • Website Copy

Content Remix in Action

Imagine, creating an event page and generating the invite email and social media posts instantly. 

will ask a few prompts regarding the content you are writing. These include the blog topic or idea, the keyword(s), the country where your target audience is located, and the HubSpot blog you would like to publish it to.

Similar to the way providing more information to ChatGPT results in better answers, the AI Blog Generation tool is powered by the context you provide. Providing this tool with plenty to work with upfront will only result in better work product and time savings, so it is worth ensuring your setup is done well.

To set yourself up for further success, you should implement the Brand Voice tool first, as it will help guide the voice this content is written in.

Can I Trust AI-Generated Content?

Using AI to enhance your content workflow is perfectly acceptable. With the structured prompts and comprehensive tools available in Content Hub, this statement is probably more valid. Nevertheless, considering the implications of Google's March update, it's imperative to remain vigilant in your review before posting.

HubSpot's Content Remix tool is a valuable asset for any marketing team looking to streamline their content creation process and to scale their existing content. If you are looking to learn more about Content Remix in HubSpot's Content Hub, or any other features, our CRM team is trained on this new hub and here to help. Contact us, today.