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What are Programmatic Display Ads?

What are Programmatic Display Ads?

Display and programmatic advertising have been common words in the paid media space for a couple of years now. But, when combined, what exactly is programmatic display advertising and how is it different from traditional display ads? Let’s explore these questions, along with their benefits and considerations.

Programmatic display advertising, one of a few programmatic advertising channels, is an automated process of buying, trading, and selling banner ads. This automated aspect, accomplished by using a programmatic ad platform, is what differentiates programmatic display ads from traditional display ads. These banner ads are placed on designated areas of websites, apps, or social media platforms, driving demand as much as they capture demand. 

How Does it Work?

Deals happen in real-time, using a bidding system, and the winner has their banner ad placed in the available ad space on the website. So, when a target consumer lands on a website, the auction happens then and there. The winner’s ad is then placed in the most appropriate spot online. This, of course, is all dependent on the set budget and parameters such as interests, behaviors, etc.

With programmatic display advertising, marketers can rest assured that their ads are serving the right person at the right time. Programmatic advertising utilizes machine learning algorithms and other technology to target specific audiences based on a variety of signals.

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How is it Different From Regular Display Ads?

Programmatic advertising refers to buying and distributing ads, including display ads. This buying and displaying process leverages machine learning and automation to provide recommendations, and insights, and make changes on your behalf in real-time. Regular display ads are commonly placed in one specific network and must be managed manually. This relies on an individual(s) to watch their performance and placements carefully, to ensure success. Programmatic display ads allow advertisers to buy inventory across many platforms like sell-side platforms (SSPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs), providing the power of choice.

The Benefits of Programmatic Display Ads

One of the many benefits of programmatic display advertisements is that they streamline the overall process, increasing efficiency. With real-time bidding, your ads are bought and placed within seconds. This usually results in cheaper CPMs (impressions), meaning your ads can reach more people for less money. Plus, thanks to machine learning, your ads can reach new audiences based on shopping activity, browsing activity, and more. With programmatic display ads, you have live visibility into performance and placement. This helps advertisers keep an eye on ad spend, as well as ways to optimize for maximum results.

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