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Using Sequencing in Your Sales Programs

Using Sequencing in Your Sales Programs

Sales sequences - also referred to as sales cadences - can be a powerful tool for boosting performance and closing more deals. By using sales sequences, sales teams can automate their processes and stay top of mind with their prospects. In this blog, we’ll look at what sales sequences are, tips for crafting an effective sequence, and tools that can help. 

What Are Sales Sequences?

Sales sequencing refers to semi-automatic outreach that includes emails, SMS messages, and phone calls that are delivered at a pre-determined time. It’s semi-automatic because although the emails are sent in a cadence on their own, you may (and should) use calling as well. And calling, naturally, cannot be automatic. 

You often hear people use “cadences” or “sequences” when referring to email marketing, however, this is incorrect. That is called a drip campaign. These are sales and operational emails that are sent directly from the user’s inbox, rather than bulk marketing emails, or drip campaigns. 

Crafting Your Sales Sequences

Sequences let sales teams reach larger audiences with relevant content and make this outreach trackable and easier to manage. These do not include eye-catching designs like marketing emails, so what you write matters. Here are a few tips to spice up your sequences:

  • Use personalization tokens
  • Get creative in subject lines
  • Use a clear meeting link option
  • Use a clear CTA
  • A/B test these emails

Want help crafting the perfect message? Contact us today.

Using the Right Tools

In order to craft a sales sequence, you must have the right tools. Many platforms make creating sales sequences easier for users. Let’s take a look at a few. 

HubSpot Sequences

With HubSpot’s sequences tool, you can easily create a series of targeted email templates to nurture your contacts. Workflow automation is another tool that automatically enrolls contacts based on set enrollment criteria if you have the Sales Enterprise Hub.

Salesloft Sequences

Salesloft, an AI-powered platform, integrates with both Salesforce and HubSpot to help users focus on high-volume outbound cadences. With their powerful analytics and A/B testing, users can refine their playbooks and boost user engagement.

Salesforce Cadences

Salesforce uses a tool called cadences. Similar to HubSpot sequences, cadences allow you to create email templates and call scripts, as well as create branched cadences with different messaging depending on the results of calls or emails. 

Requirements for Senders

In 2024, Google and Yahoo are going to be cracking down on senders that do not have an SPF or DKIM in their sending domain. If this has not already impacted your sales team, it will soon. Other best practices include:

  • Implement both SPF and DKIM 
  • Keep your spam rate below 0.3%
  • Have a visible unsubscribe link
  • Honors unsubscribe within 2 days
  • Have a valid forward and reverse DNS record for your sending IPs

Check out Yahoo’s guide to best practices on the matter.

With our extensive expertise in lead generation coupled with our Salesforce and HubSpot partnerships, we offer our knowledge and strategies to craft effective outbound sales playbooks and sales sequences to drive businesses forward. Connect with us today.