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Sales and Marketing Pain Points

Sales and Marketing Pain Points

Why the Disconnect?

Year to year companies are striving to improve – improve efficiencies, improve communication, and improve their bottom line. A common business strategy is to find a way to distinguish your business from your competitors, so companies are always looking to offer a service or product that is on the cutting-edge. The disconnect between sales and marketing is a common pain point for many businesses. As Concept works with various partners throughout various industries, we find the same questions being asked by our clients: how can I prove that marketing contributed to my company’s sales?

Granted this question may take several forms like:

  • How can we drive contacts to the website and track the contact journey better?
  • How can we get the right content in front of the right contacts?
  • How can we get more personalized?
  • How can we have a more strategic and specific with our email marketing strategy?
  • Why can't I connect sales development, marketing, website, SEO, Digital Marketing together? 

You are not alone in these thoughts. I see more and more companies trying to figure out how to make all this work together. If corporate strategies grow or change, you need to evolve. Ask:

  • How comfortable am I with the inbound client journey?
  • How comfortable am I with your one to many?
  • How comfortable am I that my prospects/contacts are fully integrated across all departments and efforts?
  • How do I maximize my touch points to prospects while keeping personalization at the forefront?
  • How do I better align Sales/Marketing for Account-Based-Marketing initiatives?
  • How do I better define Lead Lifecycle stages to better prioritize my Sales/Marketing efforts? 

As a partner with specialization in sales and marketing, Concept's goal is to assist our client and decrease their sales and marketing pain points. We do that by fully integrating and ensuring sales and marketing efforts are working together and efficiently. And there are some great tools that utilize marketing and sales automation to help improve the disconnect.

Inside of our sales development process, we have created new prospects through email sequences and one-to-one email marketing. You can trust that Concept can offer a holistic sales development package. As Salesforce and HubSpot Gold partners, Concept has the experience with utilizing various tools including sales calling services, email sequencing, and creating reports and dashboards for campaign or account-based marketing performance monitoring.

Examples of Tools to Decrease Sales & Marketing Pain Points

Email Sequences

We segment contacts and put them into an automated email sequence which ensures they have their own customized journey and receive the right content at the right time.

Lead Scoring

We have integrated our client's website and form leads into a platform that allows them to see each contact’s engagement with each tactic. This insight allows you to create a lead scoring system that will creates tasks for your sales development representative for follow up with an engaged contact at the RIGHT TIME!

Lead Lifecycle Stages

We have mapped out the complete journey a potential customer takes from first touch to closed sale. Each step in the customer journey is called a lifecycle stage – ie, when a prospect becomes an information-qualified lead (IQL) and then progresses to a marketing-qualified lead (MQL) until the lead becomes either a closed won or a closed lost. By mapping out lead lifecycle stages prevents sales-qualified leads (SQLs) from falling through the cracks and allows you to report on the conversion rates through each stage. You can also segment the contact customize strategy, communication, and approach.

Campaign Attribution

A major struggle for sales and marketing is proving ROI for specific marketing or sales campaigns. Account-based marketing (ABM) focuses campaigns on specific subsets of leads or clients who have met a certain criteria. Outreach is built around customized communication for this group. And Concept has built and executed an ABM strategy, created a process to measure campaign influence and how campaigns have generated revenue through influencing prospects to buy. Without having a campaign attribution model in place, you lose the ability to monitor success from your marketing dollars spent. 

Website Chat & CRM Integration

One of the best ways to assure you track all your leads and sales is having the ability to integrate your chat platform within your CRM system. When a motivated customer interacts with your business through chat, there are a variety of reasons for that person to reach out. Sometimes the conversations are customer service issues - simple matters that are easily solved. But other conversations are with highly engaged prospects. No matter the topic, exceptional customer service with that prospect is essential for overall brand consistency. You never know when that customer might turn into a return customer and be valuable to report on or contact later down the road.

You can only begin to imagine the satisfaction your prospects and leads can experience when you add chat management and customer service, which leads to increased productivity, improved sophistication when dealing with customers, and more closed wins.

As times change and as strategies continuously evolve and expand, it is a must to adapt and to become forward-thinking. Take that next step into the future and reduce your sales and marketing pain points with Concept as your sales development partner.