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Top Considerations When Outsourcing Sales Development

24 minutes read

Business strategies were forced to change at the drop of a hat as the entire world dealt with COVID-19. Operations had to be transformed over night to accommodate new work environments in order for businesses to remain open.  Considering most industries are starting to bounce back, it’s imperative that leaders find a way to do more with less budget. This creates an opportunity for companies to completely reevaluate and re-imagine the way they attract and communicate with new customers. If...

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Best Sales Development Tools

7 minutes read

We are all in a time of uncertainty - trying to think 20 steps ahead on how to stay ahead in business. There are various tools that could be used now to help expand your sales development acuity. This blog will be expanded to cover more sales development tools that Concept has researched and our recommendations.

Sales Intelligence Software/Tools

The first software/tool we focused on are sales intelligence tools to assist in prospecting leads. With all of the sales intelligence tools out...

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Sales and Marketing Pain Points

5 minutes read

Why the Disconnect?

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Pivoting Your Sales Pipeline Strategy

6 minutes read

Your business could offer the best product and the best service with the best employees. But there is uncertainty in how the economy and businesses will rebound after social distancing is relaxed and businesses return to work. So how will you keep your sales funnel full as states start to slowly reopen?

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