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An Overview of HubSpot Sales Hub  [Updated 1/16/2023]

An Overview of HubSpot Sales Hub  [Updated 1/16/2023]

HubSpot Sales Hub, a powerful and easy-to-use suite, has an arsenal of tools and features to help streamline workflows, encourage data-driven decisions, and drive sales. To unlock your full sales potential, it’s important to know all of Sales Hub’s functions. In this blog, we’ll give an in-depth overview of HubSpot Sales Hub to help your team drive sales.

HubSpot Sales Hub’s Newest Features

After years of HubSpot’s marketing functionalities acting as the crown jewel in its offering, HubSpot Sales Hub has gotten a serious facelift. A few of the newest features and functions include a prospecting dashboard where sales reps can manage their cold and lukewarm leads, coaching playlists where sales managers can store recordings from top sales calls, and better functionality with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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Sales Sequences

Perhaps the most common reason sales teams purchase HubSpot Sales Hub is to access the sales sequencing feature. Sequences can be used to send one-to-one style sales emails from a user's inbox to many contacts at once. As the name suggests, this can be done in an automatic, sequential order with manual tasks - such as making a phone call - sprinkled in between. Those receiving these emails are then taken out of the communication stream if they reply or book a meeting, using the cool meeting link tool we mentioned above.

The Meetings Tool

For prospect, lead, and customer-facing users, HubSpot's Sales Hub has various tools to make daily tasks easier and scalable. As simple as it might seem, the meetings tool is an absolute game changer for a CRM. It gives users the ability to create customizable meeting links that reflect their calendars. To take it a step further, you can create links with other users to show overlapping availability. This helps eliminate everyone's least favorite game of availability bingo.

Place and Receive Calls

Is calling a major part of your sales process? Sales Hub gives sales teams the ability to create phone numbers that can be routed to specific users and used for calling. You can even determine whether or not you would like these numbers to ring in the app or on someone's phone.

Sales Documents

Sales documents is a feature that lets you upload files you normally share with prospects, leads, and clients, and provides tracking metrics on their activity. Did that CMO spend 20 minutes reading a specific product page? It sounds like a great place to start your next conversation.

HubSpot’s Deals 

For managing opportunities and your pipeline, HubSpot's deals section offers a user-friendly view and process. Simply slide the opportunity down the pipeline as you go and let the weighted stages, deal amount, and close dates provide weighted forecasting out of the box. This includes the recent addition of pipeline metrics and numbers directly on the deal page.

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Knowing HubSpot’s newest features and all it has to offer better equips you and your sales team to nurture leads, provide actionable customer insights, and boost sales. If you need further assistance for all things HubSpot, leave it to Concept. As certified Salesforce and HubSpot partners, our expert CRM team is ready to help.