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Brand Voice in HubSpot's Content Hub

Brand Voice in HubSpot's Content Hub

Brand Voice - one of the many new features available in HubSpot's Content Hub - is an AI-powered tool that acts as a content editor, instead of a content generator. Marketing leaders can now delegate writing tasks to multiple team members with limited concern about consistency and writing style. Or - in case they are burning the midnight oil and would like to check their own work - they have an AI assistant there to help keep them in check.

How Does Brand Voice in HubSpot's New Content Hub Work?

Building Your Voice

Similar to the way you can provide ChatGPT with more information about yourself to generate better answers, the Brand Voice tool is powered by the context you provide. To start, it asks for a sample piece of work that reflects your ideal brand voice - along with a description of the target audience for that content. Once it has reviewed your sample, it provides personality and tone characteristics for you to review and adjust as necessary.

To further strengthen the tool - much like any AI tool - you can add additional context. This comes in the form of the "brand mission" prompt. Providing this tool with plenty to work with upfront will only result in better work product and time savings, so it is worth ensuring your setup is done well.

The Brand Voice Tool in Action

Once you have set it up, your team can begin checking and editing their work in just a few clicks. By highlighting the text you would like to review, and selecting the "apply brand voice" action, HubSpot's Brand Voice tool will provide a revised version of the content.

This tool can be used in the following areas of HubSpot:

  • Blog
  • Email
  • Social
  • SMS

HubSpots Brand Voice Tool in Action


Overall, HubSpot's Brand Voice tool is a valuable asset for any marketing team looking to streamline their content creation process and maintain a consistent brand voice across various platforms. If you are looking to learn more about Brand Voice in HubSpot's Content Hub, or any other features, our CRM team is trained on this new hub and here to help. Contact us, today.